The Town Hall of Javea sets electric charging points in two underground car parks in the Costa Blanca

Spain will need to install 340,000 electric car charging points

As part of the initiatives to protect the environment and fight against climate change, the Town Hall of Javea has put in the two municipal underground car parks (Plaza Constitución and Portal del Clot) free recharge areas for electric cars in the Costa Blanca.
In each one of this car parks five connection points have been enabled in strategic locations to enhance the visibility. The installation was carried out by the local company Xàbia Llum and involved a municipal investment of 12,469 euros. In addition to these public charging areas, the facilities of Amjasa, a municipal company that moves with a fully electric vehicle fleet, are also offered for recharge electric cars.
In this way, the city shows its support to the neighbours who are committed to less polluting energy and sustainable mobility. In addition, the Town Hall of Jávea offers other incentives for the use of electric vehicles, such as a bonus of up to 75% in the circulation tax with effect since 2018.