The PP criticises the continuous breaches of transparency by the Town Hall of Vélez-Málaga in Axarquía

The PP of Vélez-Málaga has denounced the opacity in municipal management.

The PP of Vélez-Málaga has denounced the continuous breaches of the Transparency Law of Andalusia committed by the government team of the Town Hall of Vélez-Málaga, in Axarquía, composed of PSOE and GIPMTM, for several years.
The municipal vice-spokesman of the PP, Luis García, explained that the last episode that has been known in relation to opacity in municipal management is that of a neighbour who has spent more than a year waiting for the Town Hall to provide the information he requested in writing asking about the cost of the Torre del Mar air festival.
In this sense, the PP has also criticised the “tendentious and sectarian” interpretation that the government team makes of the Plenary and Commission Organic Regulations with the objective of restricting rights to neighbours. For example, regarding the possibility of recording the plenary sessions, which once again shows “the great democratic deficit of the mayor, Antonio Moreno.”