Spain’s Costa Del Sol Sighs In Relief As Coronavirus Tests On Family Return Negative

Residents on Spain’s Costa del Sol took a a sigh of relief this morning as coronavirus tests in Malaga hospital were returned as negative

Yesterday two patients on the Costa del Sol in Spain were isolated in the Regional Hospital of Málaga after returning from Italy with described symptoms associated with the killer virus. The patients have now tested positive for Influenza A. Thankfully, this morning health sources reported that all analysed samples have been negative for the dreaded coronavirus, covid-19.

Italy is the largest spreader of the coronavirus in Europe at the moment, with 229 confirmed cases and 7 reported deaths, so far. Actually, the country has more confirmed cases than any other country in the world, except for China and South Korea.

The head of the Health Ministry’s Center for Alert and Emergency Coordination, Fernando Simón, rules out the possibility of Spain closing its borders in an effort to contain the coronavirus. According to a source in the European Commission, Brussels suspects that some of the other EU members may be planning to close their borders soon, though.

Facts about Influenza A:
There are 3 types of Influenza, also known as the flu, type A, B and C. Type A is the most common one and can, as any flu, be dangerous – especially for babies and adults over the age of 65 with overall ill health.

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