The Town Hall of Motril Maintenance area improves security in the Ronda de Poniente, in Axarquía

New traffic signs and light signals for Motril.

The Urban Maintenance area of ​​the Town Hall of Motril, in Axarquía, led by the Deputy Mayor Débora Juárez, continues with the plan to give greater security to areas that had deficiencies. Now a series of actions have just been carried out in Ronda de Poniente, in the section between Marquesa de Esquilache and Cortijo de la Era.
In this way, a central islet has been built with a new four-arm lamppost to illuminate the intersection of Marquesa de Esquilache. From there until crossing with Cortijo de la Era, new lampposts have been installed to achieve uniform lighting throughout the section.
Also, at the confluence with Azucarera Nuestra Señora de Lourdes and Lavadero de Burgos, a new crosswalk has been installed that is in great demand by the neighbours and which had to provide maximum security at night. In this sense, luminous beacons have been installed, the pedestrian platform has been illuminated and illuminated pedestrian warning road signs have been installed.
Finally, they have also installed lighting beacons at the pedestrian crossings of Nuestra Señora de la Cabeza in addition to Rotonda Piscina, at the entrance to Varadero and on the turn to Julio Moreno towards the beaches.