Two Harley Street doctors are suspended after one removed a trans patient’s vagina

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Two Harley Street doctors have been suspended after removing the vagina of a trans patient without his consent, in a case believed to be the first of its kind.

The man – who was transitioning from a woman – was left ‘distraught’ and in floods of tears after the irreversible gender reassignment surgery, a tribunal heard.

Mr Giulio Garaffa, a renowned penis consultant, mistakenly carried out the procedure and his colleague Dr Marco Capece, ‘in a moment of panic… dishonestly’ altered a form to say that consent had in fact been given, a disciplinary panel was told.

The patient – who had consented to two other forms of surgery as part of the transitioning process – only discovered that his vagina had been removed a week afterwards.

The tribunal heard that ahead of the operation the man had repeatedly said he did not want his vagina removed.

The patient – who was only identified as Patient A – described to the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service how the ‘unwanted surgery’ has had a ‘profound impact in all aspects of his life including his mental well-being’.

Dr Garaffa was found guilty of four charges of misconduct and was handed a five month suspension whilst Dr Capece was found guilty of three misconduct charges and suspended for 12 months.

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