What We Know About the Coronavirus So Far

Although Catalunia still has relatively fewer cases in total than Madrid, the acceleration of new cases is worrying.

Measures have been taken all over the world to stop the Coronavirus from spreading. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus outside of China, especially in Italy, Iran and South Korea, it’s clear that his efforts to restrict the virus from spreading is difficult.

The Coronavirus emerged in the Chinese city of Wuhan and has caused one of the biggest health crisis in recent times. It broke out in China on December 31 and was identified as a new virus on January 7. The Coronavirus is causing an infection of the respiratory tract with symptoms that range from a mild fever and a cough to acute respiratory failure and pneumonia.

Coronaviruses that only affect some species can mutate and become contagious for humans.
The coronavirus is spread through contact and through small drops of saliva, excreted when coughing. The fatality in Cina was 4-7% and outside China 0,7% according to WHO.
There is no current specific treatment or vaccine, although several companies are working on it.

Recovery time is between 2-6 weeks.

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Henric Sundlof