Police On Patrol In Spain’s Fuengirola As They Search For A Serial Fire Starter

The police in Fuengirola Spain are on patrol and trying to catch a fire starter who is setting bins of fire and running away.

The local Bomberos in Fuengirola have been called out to several incidents in the last few days of the same nature in the town as well as in the Mijas region where bins have also been set on fire.

The police told the Euro Weekly News this morning ” We are asking everyone out walking dogs and going about their early morning walks to be observant and to report anything suspicious to us, we have a feeling the persons responsible are hiding after lighting the bins on fire and getting a kick out of watching the Bomberos turn up to extinguish the fires”.

The Officer continued ” We will catch them, but at present they are causing our emergency services an extra workload and a waste on resources, they could be pulled away from a serious incident, which is not good for the town, we are now patrolling all bins whilst on duty until we catch the culprits”

It seems that the fire starters are using meths to poor in the bins before throwing in a match the Officer revealed.

The Bomberos are getting to the fires within 4 minutes of a call out and police now will attend every scene to try and sniff out the Fuengirola fire starters.

If you wish to assist the police please observe all bins in your area and if you see suspicious circumstances they are waiting for your call.