Second Confirmed Case of Coronavirus in Madrid, Spain

Although Catalunia still has relatively fewer cases in total than Madrid, the acceleration of new cases is worrying.

A second case of the coronavirus has been confirmed in Madrid on Wednesday, making the total confirmed cases to eight in Spain. The second case was discovered only ten hours after the first patient with the coronavirus was confirmed.

This person has also recently returned from travelling in Italy and presented his symptoms on February 24. The clinical picture presented is cough, fever and expectoration. He reports to be in good condition and will be transferred to Carlos III hospital, where also the first patient in the region was admitted.

The first case of coronavirus in the region was confirmed around 1 pm. on Tuesday. This is a 24-year old person who also has been travelling through northern Italy, like all of the affected in Spain, so far.

During Tuesday afternoon, tests were carried out by the Community of Madrid on three more people, who turned out to be negative for the virus. To date, the Community of Madrid has ruled out more than 200 cases.

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Henric Sundlof