As Holiday Makers Are Stranded On Spain’s Tenerife Brits Get On the Lash To Cope With Isolation Boredom

Whilst British holidaymakers have been affected by one of the latest confirmed cases of coronavirus at a hotel on Spain’s island of Tenerife, its reported they that they are not obeying the isolation advice and going on the lash in the hotel to relive the boredom.

The four star hotel, H10 Costa Adeje Palace, was placed under quarantine after a member of a group, which had travelled to the hotel from Italy, got diagnosed with the disease. It has now been confirmed that another three members of the group have tested positive for the virus.

The group of 10 are thought to have arrived from the Lombardy region of Italy which has been badly affected by Covid-19.

Around 1000 guests are thought to be currently staying at the hotel with around 150 to 200 thought to be British nationals who are showing no fears and holding parties in the hotel bars and drinking their way through the boredom fresh holds.

People staying at the hotel have criticised the reaction to the diagnosis with guests being confined to their bedrooms with no information, nothing to do and very little food and so the Brits have taken it into their own hands.

A relative of an elderly man, Alan Cunliffe, currently stuck at the hotel has expressed his concern saying “he has not been contacted by the Foreign Office or any other officials, it seems and is in total limbo. Nor has the hotel or their staff been any help at all.” Mr Cunliffe is due to fly home to the UK on Friday but he feels this is unlikely. Meanwhile the younger generation are making the most of their time in the Tenerife hotel supping ale as it’s going out of fashion.

Paul “Titch” Taylor told the Euro Weekly News about his conversations with 2 pals currently trapped in the hotel ” Cozzy and Tank are having the time of their lives, they are partying every night and claim the beer is free most of the time, they say many of them are joining them to establish entertainment to relive the boredom, nobody seems concerned or living in fear, they are just getting on with enjoying themselves despite not being allowed outside the hotel grounds it appears – they even laughed how they are supping away on cold bottles of Corona beer!”

This comes as a hotel in Austria was also placed under quarantine after an Italian member of staff tested positive for the virus which originated in China. The flu-like virus has spread to over 30 countries with recently confirmed cases in Algeria, Croatia, Romania and Switzerland.