Blackouts in Torremolinos, Spain, Affect Hundreds of People

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Torremolinos has only paid 20% of their electrical bill from last year, despite getting contacted by Endesa several times. This has led to the electricity being cut off during the last couple of weeks in several buildings around the city. La casa de la Cultura, Library Goya, al Escuela de Musica (with 400 students), la Casa de Juventud and the Tourist Office are some of the buildings without electricity. More buildings could be affected as well.

Endesa sent a warning to Torremolinos, saying that they would cut the electricity in 30 days, and yet another one after that, but since Torremolinos did not pay they saw no other choice than to cut the electricity in less important buildings. 

The City Council of Torremolinos has not yet commented on or explained the reason for not paying the bill and causing the blackouts.

This Thursday a meeting is planned between representatives of Endesa and the Mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, to resume the dialogue between the two parties. 

How much Torremolinos ows Endesa is not official.

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