China Unleashing ‘Duck Army’ of 100,000 to Fight Locust Swarm

China has prepared an army of 100,000 ducks that are going to be battling Pakistan’s devastating swarm of locusts. 

According to the Chinese government, one duck can eat more than 200 locusts a day, which actually makes them more effective than a traditional pesticide.

The ducks will be sent to Pakistan later this year to help the country with what is thought to be the worst locust swarm in two decades. Hilariously, the ducks are being referred to as a ‘biological weapon.’

Lu Lizhi, a senior researcher with the Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, explained that chickens are also an option – but they can only manage 70 locusts in a day.

“Ducks like to stay in a group so they are easier to manage than chickens,” he told Chinese media.

The locusts are believed to have reached regions as far as Europe, whilst devastating large parts of Pakistan.

The duck army will receive a trial deployment in China’s western Xinjiang province first, before being sent to Pakistan’s worst-affected areas of Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab provinces.

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