Villajoyosa Hospital of Costa Blanca suffers a robbery of masks in the midst of the coronavirus crisis

The Villajoyosa Hospital in Costa Blanca has detected the disappearance of masks and hydroalcoholic solution in the health centre and it has informed to the Civil Guard. In addition, the hospital has sent an internal circular addressed to the workers of the department, according to sources of the Ministry of Health.
In this circular, the hospital warns of the seriousness of the facts and that “it is a serious infraction that may put the security of health care at risk”. Likewise, the department’s management has adopted a series of measures to prevent more theft. In this way, adequate surveillance controls and access to medical equipment have been imposed, as the hospital has indicated in a statement.
This robbery is not an isolated case, since the Generalitat Valenciana has detected similar cases in La Fe Hospital and in the Clinical Hospital of Valencia.
All this has happened in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, after hysteria caused that most pharmacies in Spain have sold out their stock of masks and hydroalcoholic gels. Experts remember that masks are not necessary and should be reserved for patients and doctors who really need them.