The Town Hall of Gandía, Costa Blanca, lowers the requirements to the terraces and bars to facilitate new businesses

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The City Council of Gandía, Costa Blanca, will provide more facilities to the hospitality sector in the new ordinance of occupation of the public domain. This draft regulates, among other things, the terraces of bars and restaurants, as well as the requirements that businesses must meet to install tables and chairs on the street.
Among the main measures, the space of the terraces of bars and restaurants will be changed. Until now it was required that the width of the sidewalk be four meters, but with this regulation, tables and chairs may be located on sidewalks three meters wide, which makes it easier for many establishments to have their own outdoor space.
However, the obligation to leave a minimum space of 1.80 meters between the facade of the establishment and the terrace, which serves as a passage for pedestrians, remains. In addition, now pubs may also have a terrace. Thus, the town hall expects the number of current terraces in Gandía to increase, which are now around 400.
Likewise, businesses will also be allowed to leave the furniture on the street, but only if it occupies a space of two by two meters, is closed and stacked. On the other hand, the restriction of colours of the furniture of the terraces according to the area is also removed and advertising will be allowed on the tables and chairs. Finally, the summer season will be extended for 30 more days, from May 15 to October 15.
The Town Hall ensures that the flexibility of the measures has increased, but at the same time it will be more rigorous on issues such as noise or cleanliness.