Jet 2 Refuse To Fly Coronavirus Isolated Passengers Home From Spain’s Tenerife Despite Requests

Airline Jet 2 has refused to fly stranded Brit’s home who are stranded on Spain’s Tenerife Canary Island despite requests from numerous holiday makers.

Jets 2 say they will not fly anyone back to the UK who has been in a hotel affected by the Coronavirus until they have clear medical paper work that demonstrates that they are virus free.

The British holiday makers have been told they can instead remain at the four-star H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel for the whole of a two-week quarantine period and then the airline will allow them to fly home on one of its planes after all tests are completed.

We the Euro Weekly News spoke to Sean Cousins from Newcastle who is currently in the quarantine hotel who told us: ” The Jet 2 reps are coming in daily and are being hounded by people who feel fit and well to be allowed to travel home but this quite rightly is being refused, it’s the usual suspects, you know the type at the airport who need to be in the line first an hour before boarding – we have been told we have to do 14 clear days and then demonstrate with medical paper work we are clear before they will fly anyone back, around 150 people have been flown home now as they have done the 14 days, 4 of them though turned out to have the virus and were we are told taken to hospital on landing, I think the Brits would rather take the risk and be in a British hospital than over here”

” Everyone has been told to stay in their rooms but they aren’t – we can’t use the AC and its hot and stuffy so many whilst not leaving the hotel itself are wandering around” he said.

” A song is going round the hotel – “I don’t care how well you are, your not going home not going home ” – we just have to be patient but some people are just asking too much of the travel companies” Mr Cousins finished with.