A man is arrested in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, for posing as police to drain the bank account to an elderly couple

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National Police agents have arrested a man in Benidorm for alleged scam to an elderly couple. The suspect had pretended to be police to get their bank account details and keep all the money.
Agents reported that the suspect monitored the couple’s daily routine until he saw them enter their home. At that moment he intercepted them, showing them a badge. Under the excuse that robberies were occurring in the area, he got them to let him into the property.
Inside the house he toured the rooms under the pretext of verifying that nothing had been stolen from them. At that time, he who took the opportunity to get the bank book and it passwords. A few hours later, the couple discovered that their bank account was in the red.
After the suspect’s arrest, he was taken to court. However, the detainee has already committed other similar crimes with elderly victims. The national police offer the email protegealmayor@policia.es to ask any questions about elderly people.
In addition, the police also recommend not to save large amounts of money at home and make a list of valuable items, including photos. The police also remember that we should not give personal information over the phone or allow strangers to enter our house.