BEWARE: Lookey Lookey Men On Spain’s Costa del Sol Selling Coronavirus Face Masks That Won’t Work

Spain’s lookey lookey men have taken to the market selling Coronavirus face masks as the deadly virus starts to spread across the Spanish Costa del Sol.

Two arrests were made by local police this morning in Fuengirola taking in two illegal traders who were offering the new “buzz” product whilst Dr Rupert Hayman says they won’t work.

“Residents and holiday makers need to be informed these masks will not work as they are not manufactured from the correct medical materials, if you wish to cover your nose and mouth then purchase from a pharmacy or medical supplier” the Doctor told the Euro Weekly News.

With a shortage of face masks in Pharmacies as reported previously it seems the lookey lookey mens bosses look to gain financially out of the current conditions.

“Whilst the street hawkers work on peanuts and people feel sorry for them they will not protect your health and consider where the real illegally made funds go to” advised the doctor.

It’s a stark warning for people wishing to cover up in an attempt to avoid the deadly virus and the best advise still from the ministry of health is to wash your hands on a regular basis with a formulated gel rather than cover your mouth.