Spain’s Supreme Court Dishes Out Sentence To a Husband From Hell Who Battered Her And Daughter For 17 Years

The Supreme Court in Spain has confirmed the sentence of a jail term on a man from Spain’s Almeria for mistreating his wife for 17 years and slapping about one of his minor daughters.

The court handed out the assailant a term of 2.5 years.

The man from Almeria Spain had made an appeal against his conviction but this was dismissed by the court as the judge ordered he was the perpetrator of the crime of consistent aggravated abuse to his long serving wife as well as continual family abuse.

The relationship between the couple the court heard had become that bad, that he wife left the husband and they stopped living together, although verbal abuse and social media abuse continued to which eventually the wife went to the law and confessed all to the police.

Whilst married the court heard he subjected his wife to a situation of total dominance and control with violent acts in front of their daughter’s causing them mental anguish.

The beast of a husband would thrust her around the room, constantly punch her in the legs to deaden them as well as her arms leaving her in constant bad bruising all in front of the daughters whilst controlling her daily life – he would also sniff her face before locking her in cupboards in an attempt to smell another mans aftershave.

He constantly told her ” If you tell anyone I will simply kill you and you will never see your Daughter’s again.

After he serves his jail term, he’s also banned from going near his now ex wife and daughters for an extra 4.5 years whilst orders to pay them 3,000 Euros.