Dog Walker In Spain Escorted From The Beach By Spanish Police On The Costa Del Sol Despite No Warning Or Information

A dog lover from Carvajal near Fuengirola In Spain, Kath Thomas has been shook up and horrified after being frog marched and escorted from the beach today by a police officer from the local police force.

Kath was taking a mild morning walk with her favourite pooch when the police officer stormed over to her stating that dog walking restrictions had been put in place and demanded her to leave the beach immediately and to provide all her paperwork including passport as well as threatening her with arrest and a night in the cells.

Whilst official information clearly states that it is allowable for dog walkers to use the beach at this time of year, the police officer claims that the regulations and laws have been changed, despite nobody having seen any evidence or warning of this.

Kath from Connah’s Quay in Flintshire has been a part time resident in Los Boliches region on the Costa del Sol for over 12 years and she was mortified as she told the Euro Weekly News: ” I was mortified, the policeman came charging over as if I was an armed terrorist, he came directly into my personal space shouting and waving his arms going right up to my nose demanding my paperwork, I was in such shock I didn’t know what to do, thankfully I understand Spanish so got a gist of what he was shouting – although it didn’t give relief to the fear” Kath said.

” I haven’t seen any law changes, I even checked the other day and it clearly states 31st May to the 14th of September during holiday season, dogs are not allowed on the beach but according to the policeman the laws have been changed, of course I didn’t want a night in the cells  so I called my husband in out apartment to bring over the paper work to prevent it, I couldn’t stop shaking with fear and just wanted to burst into tears” she continued.

” What made it worse was that I think I was individually targeted  as there were at least 15 dog walkers on the beach doing the same thing, simply strolling with their dogs” finished Kath.

Kath who is well known in the region for knitting local dogs wollen jumpers for the winter period was left horrified at he zealous policeman and despite observing other dog owners continuing  to use the golden sands has stayed away to such a frightful experience.

As we go to press, we are contacting the local Town Hall for clarification.