Couple beat ‘one in 2.1million’ odds to have second baby on February 29

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A couple whose first child was born on February 29 beat ‘one in 2.1million odds’ to welcome their second baby on the same date.

The Demchak family welcomed their new baby girl, Scout, on February 29 at Coney Island Hospital in New York.

Scout’s birthday is incredibly rare. The odds of a baby being born on Leap Day are about one in 1,461, which is unlikely in itself – but what is even more improbable is that she shares now her birthday with her brother Omri, who was born on February 29, 2016.

The odds of having two babies born on back-to-back Leap Days is reportedly about ‘one in 2.1 million.’ However, the Demchaks were not expecting to have two Leap Day babies.

The actual odds are very complicated to work out but the 2.1million number is correct if both events happened entirely at random and every day was a possibility. However, the complete circumstances in which the Demchaks conceived is unclear.

Lindsay Demchak, Scout and Omri’s 31-year-old mother, was due to have Scout on March 4, but Scout apparently had other plans.

The night before she was born, the Demchaks were eating dinner at an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. They had a quiet night at home afterward and had plans for Omri’s birthday the next day when Lindsay started having contractions just after midnight.

‘It became more serious, it wasn’t a joke anymore, it’s like, this is happening, I say it was the Italian food that did it,’ Dane Demchak, the children’s father, told ABC 13.

The couple said they plan to celebrate Omri’s birthday on February 28, because he’s older, and Scout’s birthday on March 1.

‘When there is a Leap Day, we will make it a big thing,’ he said.

The last week in February will forever be a big celebration for the family now because Lindsay’s birthday is February 26 and her mother’s was February 28.

‘We’re thankful, thankful and grateful.’ Scout was not the only baby born in the Coney Island Hospital on Leap Day. 39-year-old Eva Ponce reportedly gave birth to twin boys and Socorro Tiempos, 28, also delivered her daughter.

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