The National Police detains two people in Denia, Costa Blanca, for robbing five neighbours

Thefts were committed by forcing one of the windows or the terrace doors of the houses.

National Police agents have arrested two people aged between 19 and 35 in Denia, Costa Blanca, after accusing them of accessing five homes in the same building where they live to steal.
According to the investigations of the police officers, all the robberies were concentrated in the same period of time and, in addition, the modus operandi was almost always the same: the forcing of one of the windows or of the terrace doors. Similarly, the effects subtracted in most cases were home appliances.
The agents discovered signs that pointed to the participation of a person who had recently moved to the urbanisation, coinciding with the beginning of the infractions. The efforts made by the agents were able to ensure participation in the events of the investigated, in addition to discovering another participant, another resident of the same residential building who had also moved recently. Both suspects have been brought to justice.