Portugal Comes Under Fear As Coronavirus Arrives And The Worry Is Will It Spread From Spain?

Residents in Portugal are now becoming alarmed as neighbouring Spain has now recorded 115 cases of coronavirus and growing rapidly at an increasing rate with cases going up by the hour.

Today Portugal’s health ministry announced its first two cases and are preparing for an outbreak like neighbours Spain.

Portugal until now has been free from the deadly virus, but residents have seen it spiral quickly in Spain and overtake the numbers of the UK.

Hospitals have protocol in place for an outbreak but that is not assisting the fears of residents in Portugal especially on the Algarve regions.

Tony Woodcock from Albuferia told the Euro Weekly News ” We are starting to worry here now, we have seen how fast it’s ripped through Spain and of course we have plenty of visitors from Spain daily come over the border with the easy access. I live in the old town and there is now a lot of concern amongst the locals that we will get an epidemic here”

” Some of the chatter is that we should close the border for the time being until this has passed which I think would be a wise idea to contain the virus” Tony continued.

” I lived here now for 17 years but I’ve never seen anything like this before and now today with 2 cases reported and with 115 infections in Spain with 6 as close as Southern Spain I’m fearing the worst”