Lie Detector Tests Could Be Introduced In Fighting Domestic Violence In Spain

With ever increasing levels of domestic/gender violence being reported in Spain, the Spanish Government are thinking of introducing lie detector tests  to find out the truth.

The law makers of Spain today will follow closely the events that take place in the UK’s House Of Commons where lie detector new laws will be addressed and have it’s first reading with it likely to become law, the debate has been delayed from late last year due to  Parliament being prorogued and the general election called.

The bill will require convicted abusers of domestic violence to take polygraph tests to monitor them. If the legislation passes, a three-year trial involving 300 abusers deemed at high-risk of causing serious harm will be performed The offenders will have to take a lie detector test three months after release from prison and then every subsequent six months.

Many European countries are closely watching today’s Bill that has already been discussed in Brussels by European counterparts in the fight of domestic/gender violence with Spain being one of those Countries with the highest rates of the crime.