Unemployment Rises in Andalucía

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In Andalucía; Spain, unemployment rises, while the rest of Spain sees a more positive trend. The unemployed registered by the office of the Andalucían Employment Agency rose by 674 people (0,8%) according to data from the Ministry of Labor.

Provinces Jaén and Córdoba contribute to the slight raise because of their sharp rise in unemployment. Jaén increased unemployment with 4,498 people and in Córdoba, the number of unemployed rose with 1,584 people. 

But there is no need to become overly worried. Compared to previous years, it’s not so bad. The Andalusian government spokesman, Elías Bendodo says that, even though the unemployment numbers have risen slightly, the actual increase in the number of unemployed is the lowest in the month of February since 2007.

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Henric Sundlof