Empty Shelves on Costa del Sol Spain: Is the Coronavirus Panic Spreading?

Empty Shelves on Costa del Sol. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Sundlof

Has Costa del Sol in Spain caught the coronavirus panic? Earlier we have reported about people in Italy and the UK hoarding disinfectants, hand wipes hand sanitizers to the point where stores have started rationing hand sanitizer and the shelves gape empty. People have also been reported “panic-buying”; ordering large quantities of pasta and noodles as well as alcohol.

On a recent trip to a Mercadona, a couple were seen loudly arguing with a clerk about not being able to find the hand sanitizers. The clerk could not help them, she could only shrug her shoulders. They were out of supply. In the cleaning aisle, the disinfectant sprays are sold out as well!

Is it possible that Spain too has been struck by the coronavirus panic? Well, the good thing is that they got the memo about keeping their hands clean!

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Henric Sundlof