Refuges Shot At In Greece By Semi Automatic Rifle Fired By Greek Police

Shocking scenes have emerged of a Greek coastguard crew member shooting into the sea just metres away from a dinghy filled with refugees try to enter Greece

The shooting yesterday appears to be an attempt to force the inflatable boat back towards Turkey as the migration crisis gets worse.

One officer  is seen to fire two shots from a semi automatic rifle into the sea.

His fellow officers push the dinghy with poles and block the boat from passing just off the coast of Bodrum, Turkey.

Greece has issued a stark warning to refugees not to enter their country, saying ‘you will be turned back.’ They have called on the EU to offer ‘strong’ support after Turkey announced it would allow millions of refugees to head to Europe.

Over the weekend, thousands of mainly Afghan and Syrian refugees have gathered on the 125-mile land border between Greece and Turkey.

Others have taken to makeshift boats and inflatables heading for Greece’s Aegean Islands as a means of gaining access to the EU

Top EU diplomats have headed to the Greece-Turkey border today as intense fighting in Syria looks set to create even more displaced and desperate people.

Human rights groups have slammed Turkey of using refugees as bargaining chips by pushing them towards the border but also slammed Europe for failing to provide greater assistance.

CEO of the Help Refugees charity, Josie Naughton, said: ‘Refugees deserve better than this. ‘Having escaped war, they are now being met with violence as they try to seek asylum. ‘Not only must their immediate human rights be respected and humanitarian needs provided for, but we urgently call upon the EU, Greece and Turkey to engage in meaningful negotiations to find a solution to the current crisis.’