Regular Airline To Spain Flybe Warns Government It’s On The Verge Of Going Bust Due To Coronavirus

Regular flier to Spain Flybe used by thousands of expats to travel back and forth to Spain has warned the Government it’s likely to collapse due to a lack of bookings as flights continue to be cancelled by passengers as well as a lack of bookings.

The airline was only recently bailed out by the Government with tax payments being allowed to be deferred for the airline to help it salvage itself from the clutches of the liquidator.

The Airline today has again called on the Government for financial support citing the situation as “urgent” and needs an answer in the next couple of days.

British expats in Spain rely on the airline to regional airports across Britain to commute and one said Flybe user Tony Wilson from Alicante told the Euro Weekly News ” Just when I thought it’s been saved – here we go again! I live part time in Norwich and part time Alicante and the flight route is vital to me”

Whilst Mick Storey from Torreblanca had different views ” It’s a rubbish airline, I don’t book them anyway as they are too expensive and always begging for cash from the tax payer”

It seems it could be Coronavirus that actually takes the airline down finally after many rescue previous packages.