Spain: A Paradise for Swedes!

Swedish tradition dance group Sundvalls Folkdansgille who came from Sweden to perform on the day.

Swedes like to travel – a lot. And who can blame them, in a country with only a few weeks of summer every year? One of their favourite destinations is Spain, with its mild climate in the winters, long summers, endless beaches and cheap beer! The idyllic island of Mallorca is the favourite destination in Spain for most Swedes going on vacation.

Many Swedes choose to change their permanent residency for good! About one out of ten Swedes live abroad. In Spain, more than 90,000 swedes reside, although it’s difficult to find statistics. On Costa del Sol, there are approximately about 40,000 swedes. Fuengirola is one of the most popular towns, with about 3,000 Swedes and 10,000 Scandinavians in total.

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Henric Sundlof