BREAKING NEWS: Expats in Spain shocked As First Brit Dies of Coronavirus In Berkshire

The Euro weekly News in Spain understands that Britain has recorded it’s first coronavirus death.

A statement has just been made by the Royal Berkshire NHS Trust “Sadly, we can confirm that an older patient with underlying health conditions has died. The patient has previously been in and out of hospital for non-coronavirus reasons, but on this occasion was admitted and last night tested positive for coronavirus. The family has been informed and our thoughts are with them at this difficult time”.

Expats In Spain and holiday makers are saddened by the news whilst they themselves continue to watch the counts of infection rise daily with the death count in Spain at 3 although the UK seem’s to be catch up at an alarming rate.

115 recorded cases now where as only two days ago it was only 51 as the virus spreads through the British Isles.

Lizzy Wandsworth 74 from Fuengirola said ” I was thinking of flying home to escape the virus here but it seem’s to be spreading there as just as bad so I’ve changed my plans to remain in Spain”