New Brexit Bank Holiday Named ‘United Kingdom Day’ Proposed

Great Britain has moved a step closer to getting a new Brexit Bank Holiday today. 

Pro-Brexit Tory backbencher Peter Bone has led calls for the public holiday in June to celebrate ‘Brexit, the Union and the Queen.’

The creation of ‘United Kingdom Day’ has leaped its first parliamentary hurdle, but still requires government backing to become law.

The proposed bank holiday would fall on the Friday nearest to June 23 – the date of the EU referendum in 2016 – and could also mark the Queen’s birthday and coronation anniversary, both of which fall in June.

Introducing his June Bank Holiday Bill, Bone said Boris Johnson’s Government had been ‘quite sniffy’ about his proposals.

He added: “This has rather surprised and disappointed me. I can understand the former government having reservations, as they always saw the UK leaving the EU as a duty, not an opportunity.

“Whereas this Government wholeheartedly believes in it. So my question to them would be why not mark this great democratic event?”

Unsurprisingly, Bone’s proposal caused many ‘Remain’ campaigners to express their outrage, with some people posting on social media that Bone is a ‘Brexit fanatic.’

The Bill was introduced without a vote, with a second reading scheduled for June 26, which Mr Bone said would happen to be United Kingdom Day if it existed.

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