Spanish Holiday Prices Plummet Whilst Travel Insurance Rockets As Searches For A Holiday In Spain Drastically Reduce

Going to Spain for your holiday’s has seriously plummeted in price since the outbreak of Coronavirus as Spanish holiday resort searches on the internet have crashed.

Travel agents in fear of a Spanish holiday wipe out as well as other European countries have reacted to market fears and conditions and have slashed prices with reductions of up to 20% from 2019 pricing structures.

Google statistics show a massive slump in searches for the likes of “Holidays in Spain” by hundreds of thousands as fear sweeps Europe but strangely enough searches for US holiday packages has risen with a 26% increase despite the States having growing figures of infected people.

Spain’s Costa Brava has taken the biggest slump of all closely followed by the Canary Islands.

  1. Venice -83%
  2. Costa Brava -83%
  3. Sardinia -76%
  4. Tenerife -75%
  5. Fuerteventura -71%

Although as expected Italy leads the table.

The situation is becoming seriously concerning for the tourist industry who have turned to the markets by offering bargain deals to entice travellers to part with their money and take the plunge.

An industry though taking full advantage during the virus out break is travel insurance that has seen a massive hike in sales of a whopping 86%. in the last 10 days alone, although this could push up prices as insurance companies have to take a larger risk.

Spain’s tourism itself though is very concerned at present with flagging numbers expected to arrive this summer unless the virus fears clear and late booked packages come into play.