Two-Year-Old Loves Pet Dog So Much He Thinks They’re Brothers

A two-year-old boy loves his border collie mix so much that he thinks they’re brothers.

Jenson Webster, 2, and border collie mix, Fenn, have grown up side by side and do everything together. If you label the adorable pair as anything other than brothers, then expect young Jenson to correct you.

Jenson was born on October 8, 2017, with ‘brother’ Fenn being born just nine days later on 17 October.

A younger Jenson & Fenn

The family made the decision to bring Fenn into the family as a companion for their son, but never imagined how close the two would become.

Fenn has found himself being key to helping Jenson in the early milestones of his life.

Mother, Laura Webster, 29, taught Fenn to crawl so he could get Jenson to copy him. This technique resulted in Jenson crawling by seven months and walking by eight. Furthermore, Jenson learned to eat by himself, just like Fenn.

Laura said: “They are, simply put, siblings – it’s impossible not to love them and their amazing bond.

“Fenn and Jenson were born nine days apart and they’ve literally grown up together – Jenson is recognised as the leader, but he’s decided to copy Fenn when he’s been learning things.

“From eating food from the plate, just like Fenn would, he also joins him in learning tricks like sit, heel round.

“They do the morning and night routine together – if Jenson is having his hair brushed, ready for the day ahead, then Fenn has to have his done too.

“They’ll brush their teeth together, watch TV together with Jenson lying on top of Fenn, and every walk you’ll find Jenson there, right alongside Fenn.

“Jenson has no human siblings and Fenn became his substitute – they’re best friends and completely inseparable.”

Jenson’s parents have also realised that they must teach Jenson that not all dogs will react in the same manner as Fenn and can potentially be dangerous – highlighting the special bond between the two.

“We know we can trust Fenn 100%,” said Laura.

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