I give it 3 years max!

IN a past life, when this ol’ boy was riding the crest, I would often enjoy showing guests around my brand new Berkshire home. Many famous folk came to visit in those far off heady ‘60’s’ days and on one occasion I was entertaining an extremely well known musician and his new fiancée.

He was obviously besotted with his partner, a beautiful, ambitious and well-travelled young lady who, although relatively unknown at the time, in the next few years would become one of biggest stars on the planet.

The pop musician, a lovely lad who hailed from a small town in the north of England, had shot to stardom almost ‘overnight’ and, although quite charming, was not at all street wise and still somewhat naïve in the ways of the world.

During the ‘tour’ I showed them one of the somewhat lavish en suite bathrooms. Peering around his eyes alighted on the toilet bowl. ‘Ee Leapy’ he exclaimed. ‘What’s all that blue stuff in the water?’ How I replied to this innocent and innocuous enquiry is not important.

What was important was the look of utter disdain that flitted very briefly across the features of his fiancée. Witnessing her reaction I realised that their romance was doomed. Compatibility is at the very core of a loving relationship and although this incident was not that important in itself, it was extremely significant if it actually reflected throughout the rest of their co-existence.

Sure enough, a short while later the affair was over.

The lady abandoned her broken hearted ‘stepping stone’ and went on to almost legendary stardom. And you know something, I experienced exactly the same misgiving when I heard Prince Harry enthusiastically inform the head of Walt Disney that his wife could do ‘voice overs.’ In the main voice overs in the acting profession are about one step up from a ‘walk on.’

Although it’s possible for recognisable voices to earn quite a substantial income from this branch of the entertainment industry, participants don’t exactly ever find themselves on the red carpet! You certainly don’t take the opportunity to very publicly inform one of the biggest tycoons of the film industry that your (TV star!) wife does voice overs! I can imagine the grimace of horrified embarrassment on Meghan’s face from here! To me this conveyed exactly the same message as did the bathroom incident I witnessed all those years ago – incompatibility.

And the end result will be exactly the same. In short, this self-centered woman will be ready to move on from her Canadian stopover and  drag poor old Harry down to California’s Glitter Town, where he’ll be used as her golden ticket to the ‘A’ list chocolate factory.

As love’s young dream begins to fade and their incompatibilities begin to tear them apart, this pathetically naïve young man will eventually become so fed up and disillusioned he will either turn to drink, have a nervous breakdown or come running back to Granny! I give it three years max.

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy  

Written by

Leapy Lee

Like Marmite, you either love Leapy or hate him. His controversial views and long-standing column make him one of the Euro Weekly News´ most-read columnists.