Shelves Are Stripped Bare Across Spain Of Hand Gel Due To Coronavirus As Residents Think Up Other Methods

As the Coronavirus spreads through Spain, hand gels have become liquid gold and have been stripped bare from the shelves of Spain’s shops and supermarkets whilst manufacturers struggle to keep up with demand.

Whilst Spain’s health ministry issues advice on how not to contract the virus, with one of the big pointers being to continually use alcohol based hand gels, the largest issue now is that residents in Spain can’t actually purchase any, shops and pharmacies have no stocks or information from suppliers of pending arrivals due to a global demand.

In other parts of the world pharmacies have started to ration what supplies they have but in Spain this has yet to come into affect and the majority of stocks are now depleted.

Suppliers online such as Amazon have no stocks either and third party suppliers to the online giant also have scarce stocks to which they are taking full advantage of price wise raising prices up to 20 times more than the standard price.

Although Geoff Greene from Fuengirola has informed the Euro Weekly News himself how he is combatting the issue he said: ” What people don’t realise is that you can purchase the alcohol liquid base in the Chinese shops for around a Euro and mix it with something like Avon’s Skin So Soft and it works wonders and it’s also very good for mosquito bites too, I can’t find hand gel anywhere here in Spain so came up with idea to counteract the problem”

Opportunists have though taken to the internet away from Amazon and normal bottles that normally cost around 2 euros are being offered for up to 12 euros and it’s believed these traders simply bough their stocks from supermarket shelves when stock was available to take full advantage and this has not aided the plight of the supermarkets shortages, whilst also businesses have made large purchases for all their staff to use.

Pedro Sanchez a taxi driver in Fuengirola who daily comes into contact with high numbers of people through his working day told the Euro Weekly News how the taxi company he works for sent out office staff to fill trollies of gel he said ” Our bosses know we are at risk so the office staff were sent out to buy as much as possible so all drivers can regularly use after each fare”

Rationing needs to be endorsed in Spain many people and are looking at the Governments law makers to adapt a law quickly and quell the panic buying.