Costa Blanca residents in search of hand gel to protect themselves from the coronavirus as shortage of supply from chemists and shops

Residents on the Costa Blanca in Spain are struggling to purchase hand gel from shops to protect themselves against the coronavirus although the region so far has remained free in the main unlike the Costa del Sol.
Ministry of health guidelines clearly advise people to regularly use hand gel and sanitisers to protect agains the deadly virus that has killed 9 people so far in Spain.
Stores across the Costa Blanca have had their shelves stripped bare of the hand gels as residents are struggling to locate whilst online suppliers such as Amazon are out of stock, although third party suppliers to Amazon do have little amounts on a long search, although prices have rocketed 20 times more than normal as opportunists take advantage.
Dawn Palmer Watkins 55 from Alicante told the Euro Weekly News ” We are trying to follow the advice of there ministry of health but we just can’t get it, the shops are stripped bare and so are the pharmacies, a pharmacist in Alicante told are its because companies are coming in and buying in bulk for all their staff, personally I think it should be rationed, I call on the shops who do have stocks to advise through the media so everyone knows where they can obtain”
” I’ve searched the shops for three days now and still not managed to obtain any, I’ve looked on the Internet but also haven’t had much luck and I’m concerned anyway about the Spanish postal system as we know it’s very slow”
Manufacturers globally can not keep up with the supply as the epidemic spreads around the world and as soon as gels are produced and fed into the market, sales are swamped once again leaving a shortage.
Anyone who would like to advise where to purchase hand gel in the Costa Blanca can you please post to the Euro weekly face book pages to advise so fellow residents can take full advantage and obtain some supplies.