Iranian expats residing in Spain’s Costa del Sol Becoming Increasingly worried about families at home

Spain has a large population of expat Iranian’s especially on the Costa del Sol where they own businesses from bars to the financial industry.

Iranian families started arriving in Spain in 1979 after the Iran revolution firstly preferring the hilly country side of the likes of Granada before transpiring to move nearer the coast lines for the business benefits associated.

With all bad news recently coming out of Iran and many Iranians having changed Nationality to Spanish fears have got considerably worse now as visas’ are now denied for retuning to their homeland by the Iran Government.

David from” Taberna Peter” Bar who is originally from Northern Iran and now runs a local bar in Carvajal near Torreblanca along the sea side which is often filled with Iranian expats as they socialise together told the Euro Weekly News of concerns: We obviously love living in Spain but it was always good to go back and check on relatives now and then, life in Iran is a far different culture and the government do nothing really for the people, all the wealth  massed often is fed to Iraq whilst citizens live in poverty areas in the homeland, lately political unrest has raised concerns and the last thing people need is threats from US and Trump, but now the country has the largest Coronavirus outbreak outside China with lots of deaths, Iran doesn’t have the health structure of Spain to cope, although my customers are seriously concerned as the Visa situation will mean many of us can’t return if and when we need to as our generations before us made us Spanish Nationality – we don’t often get the truth out of Iranian media either, we know death counts are far higher for instance than reported”

Iranian people are very friendly and welcomed in Spain with their heritage admired but at present they are having to face tough times.