Travellers From Spain Have Been Banned By The Iranian Government With No More Visa’s Issued

Spanish travellers have been banned from travelling to Iran by the the Iranian Government   due to its high levels of Coronavirus cases.

With Spain’s levels rising rapidly all visa’s to Iran have been revoked and placed on a banned list alongside both French And Italian counterparts when applying for Visas.

Iran is trying to contain their own issues with the deadly virus as they have one of the worst amount of cases outside of China.

Surprising whilst Spain becomes the 11th country banned, Iraq hasn’t been although they too have high numbers around the 38 mark and also the Iraqi health minister  having ordered all Iraqis out of Iran before March the 15th before borders are closed down.

Spain’s government in Madrid have yet to make a public station to the Spanish nation on the situation but one is either expected over the weekend or by the latest Monday morning.

Coronavirus is spreading through Spain at a rate of knots where it first started off in the big cities of Spain, both Madrid and Barcelona before being recorded further south in areas such as the Costa del Sol And Costa Blanca  as well as inland cities such as Sevilla.

The death rate in Spain is all on the increase with numbers now being recorded daily mainly in the elderly and also expected to rise.