Hand sanitiser shortages in Spain continue with home made production coming into effect

Spain now has a hand sanitiser shortage issue with stores and pharmacies shelves stripped bare of the product as Coronavirus sweeps through Spain.

Home made production is now the latest craze as the standard items from shops have become liquid gold and according to Dr Rupert Hayman from Spain’s Fuengirola production is quite simple although he insists you must use at least 60% alcohol base as the minimum for the home made potions to work.

Dr Hayman is advising people in Spain who can’t obtain hand gels the following method:

“To produce your own hand sanitiser, take 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol which can be found in many of the local Chinese shops for around a euro, and mix in a large bowl with 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel and 5-10 drops of the essential oil of your choice. The aloe vera will protect your skin and the essentials oil will offer a pleasant smell.

A two-ounce spray bottle again cheaply found in the shops, or a liquid soap container can be used to store the home made potion to take to work and other public places as well as on public transport.

Mixed properly and sealed tightly in its spray bottle, a homemade hand sanitiser can last for up to 4 weeks and be as effective as the standard product normally purchased in the high street”.

Worried residents of Spain have been seeking alternatives as frustrations have risen over lack of availability of the product and Amazon themselves have banned over 10,000 opportunists retailing on their website for “price hiking” but according to doctors regular soap and water is still the best method to prevent contamination but to use the home made  gel remedy when soap and water is not available.