First Pizza Vending Machine Arrives in Málaga, Spain

First Pizza Vending Machine Arrives in Málaga, Spain

 Málaga’s first pizza vending machine has now arrived and is in function, making pizzas in just under three minutes, on a 24 hour basis.

 Pizzorro Pizzeria, in the capital of Málaga, has recently installed a new machine, which according to the owner Jean Danuel Hagolle, makes pizzas in the exact same way that you could expect when ordering at the restaurant.

 “We make the pizzas daily in our own artisanal way, with fresh and local produce in our kitchen, we then offer it to our clients in an automatic way, which only takes around three minutes to make. It is the same product, the machine does not make the pizza, it only cooks it” claims business owner Hagolle.

 Users have 12 different topping options to choose from and its prices oscillate between 5.9 and 8 euros. The client can choose to take the pizza and cook it in their own oven or cook it at the vending machine. Card and cash payments are both accepted.

Jean Daniel Hagolle has the legal rights to distribute this system, which is already up and running in France with 750 different locations. Apart from the machine in Málaga, there are also ones in Girona and Guipúzoca. 

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