NO Coronavirus checks at Spain’s airports reveals flyer Stephen McWilliams as he returns from the Far East via Madrid & Almeria airports to the Costa Blanca

Stephen McWiliams a resident on Spain’s Costa Blanca and a reader of  Spain’s largest free expat newspaper and website reports that no checks are taking place for coronavirus at airports in Spain despite announcements of such actions taking place.

Stephen has just returned home to the Costa Blanca from Thailand with his partner passing through both Madrid and Almeria airports on his return leg on the 3rd of March without being tested all including other airports as Heathrow and Bangkok.

He and his partner were expecting to be delayed for adopted coronavirus checks to be carried out, but did not experience any at all the airports he travelled through during his 12,000 mile journey.

He has told the Euro Weekly News since arriving back: “I have just returned from Thailand I left home on the 29th January and returned on the 3rd March . My partner and I travelled 12,000 miles and passed through Almeria airport to Madrid we then flew to Heathrow for a flight to Bangkok we were not tested in any of these airports either going or on our return? So don’t believe a word the political people tell you nothing is getting sorted don¹t be fooled . We actually expected to be delayed due to being checked but no checks nothing , it would appear politicians are still telling lies to the general public”.

It appears no coronavirus checks are being made at Spanish airports despite the country now being one of the largest countries in Europe to be contaminated by the deadly virus which undoubtedly will raise further concerns.