Spain avoids Italian style quarantine, prefers to follow the German route against COVID 19.

Almost 60% of Spaniards fear they might die of Covid-19

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Spain avoids Italian style quarantine, prefers to follow the German route against COVID 19.

Spanish government increasingly found under pressure to adopt more drastic measures against the virus, however Italy and France are not the only strategy that can be adopted, Berlin acts as an example.

 Each day that passes, the Spanish government is under more pressure to control the ever-intensifying epidemic. However, the ministry of Health remains firm in its idea that we remain in the stage of containment and therefore there is no need to adopt the restrictive measures our international neighbours have.

 Currently the four European countries with most cases of Coronavirus are Italy, France, Germany and Spain. The virus has been in circulation for roughly the same amount of time, since the end of January. However, the epidemic trajectories have been very different, and therefore, our reactions and measures to deal with the virus have also varied.

 We all share the same basic theory, firstly we have the phase of containment, which aims to treat cases originating from outside of the country to avoid them coming into contact with local citizens. Once local citizens have become affected, we enter, the more restrictive second phase, which avoids the uncontrollable propagation of the virus within the country.

 Italy and France already find themselves within the second phase, prohibiting and cancelling large scale events. Spain, however, still celebrated International Woman´s Day with manifestations over the weekend and carried on all football matches which attract thousands of fans around the country. Worry is amounting to the increasingly close holiday, Semana Santa.

 Although Germany is the country with the 6th most amount of cases, the government has remained partial to a strategy of contention, not quarantine. This strategy is the most similar to Spain however, there is one striking difference. Despite Germany reaching the 1000 mark in cases, there have been no deaths. The Spanish Ministry of Health seems confident in its strategy.