First Passengers Leave the Coronavirus-Hit Cruise Ship in the US

The first passengers on the virus-hit cruise ship Grand Princess have now landed in California, USA. The 3,500 people who have been aboard will be tested for the coronavirus and quarantined for two weeks.

After being isolated out at sea for several days, with at least 21 coronavirus-infected persons on board, the cruise ship was allowed to enter the port of Oakland in the Gulf of San Francisco, California, on Monday.

Evacuation of the passengers has started. Those in urgent need of medical care were taken ashore first and have been transported from the port in ambulances.

“People will be led by the ship in smaller groups,” a representative for Californian Governor Gavin Newsom writes.

“Anyone who feels symptoms will have a surgeon’s mask and get off via a separate pathway,” the statement further states.

The crew will be quarantined on the ship, while passengers who do not show acute symptoms will either be flown to their respective home countries, or isolated for 14 days at military bases in the states of California, Texas and Georgia. Everyone will be tested for the coronavirus, according to the authorities.

Rigorous security measures have been taken to accommodate the over 3,500 on board. The area has been blocked off and tents have been set up nearby. Buses and flights have been organised to carry passengers on and when the operation is complete, the entire area will be disinfected with high-pressure washers.

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Henric Sundlof