Public Health spokesperson Juan Martínez wants stricter measures against the coronavirus in Spain

Public Health spokesperson Juan Martínez, believes that stricter measures should be taken against the Spanish coronavirus outbreak. 

“We should have done a more aggressive containment. In Germany, the positives were hospitalised, even if they were not serious and close family were isolated at home. This avoids new transmissions.” 

In Spain, all positives who have not been showing serious symptoms have been quarantined in their homes.

“If we want to take a step ahead of the epidemic, we must be more restrictive with mobility,” he says, especially in regard to upcoming events like Easter.

According to Martinez, there has been a false sense of security based on the presumption that “‘This is like the flu’. It is not.” 

He continues: “The flu is not a benign disease, but a public health problem, which the system suffers seasonally. The coronavirus attacks the most vulnerable of the population, and it’s new and not as well known.”

Italy has already forbidden public gatherings and travel unless it’s work-related or due to a health crisis. Maybe Spain will see stricter measures as well?

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Henric Sundlof