The warm weather in Spain may slow down the coronavirus epidemic according to expert

The weather in Spain has been unusually warm the last couple of days, due to the influence of an anticyclone and an air mass from the tropical Atlantic.

Can the warm weather slow down the coronavirus epidemic?

Francisco Martin Leon, meteorologist, explains:

“Known viruses spread more easily in the winter.” That can be explained by the fact that people spend more time indoors during the cold season and more easily infect each other. 

Another explanation is the humidity of the air.

“Dry environments make the virus stick to the airways,” he continues. When the temperature rises and with that, the humidity of the air, infections are not spread as easily. 

 “When you sneeze, the humidity of the air makes the saliva drops from the sneeze grow, and fall more rapidly to the ground.”

Yet another explanation is that the sun in the summer creates more vitamin D, which supports the immune system.

However, Leon concludes by pointing out that “this virus is new, and not everything is known about it. There are still no scientific studies to support it. ”


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Henric Sundlof


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