6 Top Tips To Self-Isolate in Spain – Try To Help The Vulnerable Elderly

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As coronavirus spreads throughout Spain, be prepared if you need to self-isolate.  The total number of COVID-19 cases now stand at 4,334 in Spain of which 1,188 are new with 122 fatalities.  Here are six top tips you can follow if you need to self-isolate:

  1. Make sure you stay at home and away from people.  This seems rather obvious but do not invite people into your home.  Only the people that live with you should be in your home.
  2. Try to order food online and have it delivered to your door.  Make sure the driver leaves the food outside and wait till the driver has left before opening the door.
  3. Consider your pets.  Though there has only been one confirmed case in Asia of a dog contracting the virus you should be vigilant with hand washing before and after you have contact with them.
  4. Make sure you clean your house rigorously especially bathrooms and toilets.  Institute a bathroom cleaning schedule.
  5. If you have prescriptions or errands to be done then ask a neighbor, family friend or relative to deliver them to your door.  Again, wait until they have left before claiming the items.
  6. Make sure all your rooms are well ventilated.  You will need fresh air and sunlight to recuperate.

These are all common sense tips to self-isolate but each one of us has a duty to stop the spread of this devastating virus.  Please also try to help out elderly neighbors, friends or relatives.  They are particularly vulnerable to this virus and very much need our help.

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Lisa Burgess