Elections just a ‘glitch’

WHAT the UK society truly needs to do is man up, or woman up, or ‘It’ up – whatever is acceptable in this age of minority appeasing lunacy.

I’m sure we are all in complete sympathy and utterly commiserate with the victims of the horrendous flooding that has occurred in the UK of late.

However, early on in the crisis, would it really have helped the situation to have Boris and his entourage disrupting the whole emergency proceedings by sailing up the high street in the bows of a boat like some fortuitous figurehead – merely to appease some of the residents, who I’m sure actually had far better things to do than wring out their problems to someone who could do far more good directing emergency operations elsewhere?

Personally I think the Prime Minister was quite correct to postpone his visit till more recently, when he was able to access the whole situation across the board.

Having a political leader waste valuable time by physically visiting a disaster area to offer nothing more than a damp handshake is an utter nonproductive nonsense. I do of course not include moral lifting visits by Royalty in these situations. What about Civil servant Phillip Rutland?

Last week this wimp resigned because he was being ‘bullied’ by Home Secretary Priti Patel. ‘Aw diddums.’ Apparently, among other things, she accused her whole department of being ‘F……g useless’! Well, in my experience of these Government civil servants, she’s probably not far wrong.

This arrogant bunch of limp wristed egotists, actually do think they run the country – and in many cases they could be right. These shadowy public servants are immensely powerful and manipulative, and consequently suffer from delusions of grandeur that are quite extraordinary.

If you wonder what these unelected lot actually do, I can refer you to the highly successful TV series ‘Yes Prime Minister.’

The two who attended the PM were civil servants and the hysterically funny way they could manipulate their boss was actually not a long way from the truth. It also doesn’t matter what party is in power.

Civil servants observe elections as a mere ‘glitch’ – a short period of disruption before they simply carry on in the ‘same ol’ ‘same ol’! One of them did in fact gloatingly once inform me that many new MPs have no idea how to proceed and actually come to them for advice! What about that for – a very disturbing – arrogance?

Well, all power to Ms Patel, who is also being accused of creating a ’climate of fear’ and apparently could ‘show unprovoked levels of aggression.’ Good, exactly what this bunch of unelected desk wallahs need. Time to learn that they are not in fact a government within a government, but servants of the people who were actually elected by constituents to run the country.

So, if Preta Patel is wielding the whip, I for one wish all power to her elbow. Actually I’m surprised some of these disgruntled namby pambys don’t enjoy it! Ah well.

Keep the faith,
Love Leapy

Written by

Leapy Lee

Like Marmite, you either love Leapy or hate him. His controversial views and long-standing column make him one of the Euro Weekly News´ most-read columnists.