Arrests made In Carvajal on the Costa del Sol for ignoring the lockdown regulations



The police have arrested 2 people on the Costa del Sol for not  persistently adhering with lock down orders.

The couple first had a caution this morning for sitting on the beach whilst the mornings sun was out, the police issued them a polite caution as the couple advised they were unaware of the Spanish laws in place.

The two men were then stopped again by the police just an hour later as they walked hand in hand along the sea front but stated they were going to the shop for supplies and were allowed on their journey.

This afternoon the two men who are believed to be part of a stag party staying at the Fuengirola hotel were nabbed and taken away by the police as they were spotted swigging ale from beer cans singing as they wandered back down the region of Carvajal.

Witnesses to the arrest from their balconies above the Calypso bar told there Euro Weekly News what happened.

” I saw them getting a warning this morning as I walked my dogs Amber & Bramble, as I can’t go out much today I was hanging out my washing before the rain set in and right below me they got stopped again and I heard them say they were going to the shop on the corner, they were allowed to go, then just two hours later I heard somebody singing in the street, it’s quiet today with the lockdown and it stood out, so I went out to take a look and there they were bold as brass drinking out of beer cans, the police shortly pulled up hand cuffed them and took them away” said witness Debbie.