Police deploying boats and helicopters on the Costa del Sol as the public disobey state of emergency orders

The Police on the Costa del Sol have now deployed boats and helicopters as the public don’t follow orders.

Police helicopters are in numbers now in the sky whilst boats patrol the closed beaches as the public disobey the state of emergency lockdown orders.

All leave and day’s off have been cancelled to ensure that the strict guidelines are followed and  police officer has just spoken to a EWN reporter and said very seriously ” People are not taking the orders seriously on the Costa del Sol, we are now deploying boats and helicopters as well as heavy patrols to ensure the orders are followed, people need to start listening otherwise we shall start arresting them and charging them for illegal offences, this is not cautions, this is law”

” We are fed up of having to repeat ourselves to the public, it’s time to start listening, the helicopters are using high vision techniques to spot offenders and radioing patrol cars to the scene, if you are out for leisure purposes”

Police cars are now using large tannoy announcements ordering people off the streets and if you remain disobeying orders you will be arrested the announcement relays.