Police use SUN BEDS in Spain’s Benidorm as they try to get their message across for people to stay at home

Police use sun beds to get the message across in Spain’s Benidorm

The Spanish police have deployed all methods today in Benidorm to ensure residents and holidaymakers obey the lockdown ruling.

Tactics of road blocks, fining people on the spot, arrests have all worked well but the most inventive was the use of the beaches sun beds.

Locals were amazed to see the police gathering hundreds of destitute sun beds and positioning them on the beach to read “STAY AT HOME”

Maggie Wilson told the Euro Weekly News: ” I saw lots of policeman heading to the beach from my balcony and wondered what the hell they were doing and it was only as they got into a few letters that I worked it out, it was lovely to watch without being able to go to bingo today, it made me smile anyway, its just a shame that that have to go to such measures as people don’t listen”

People across the region of Costa Blanca have been fined and arrested as they venture out despite the restrictions in the area as Spain is on a state of emergency procedure.