Spain Has 7798 Coronavirus Cases With 96 New Fatalities – Latest Statistics From Spain And The World

The latest statistics from Worldometer show Spain has 7,798 Coronavirus cases of which 1,407 are new.  There are 292 total deaths in Spain with 96 new fatalities. 517 patients have recovered here with 272 in critical condition.  How does Spain compare with the rest of the world?  Let’s take a look.

China has 80,849 cases with 25 new

Italy has 24,747 with 3,590 new

Iran has 13,938 with 1,209 news

S. Korea has 8,162 with 76 new

Spain has 7,798 with 1,407 new

Germany has 5,795 with 1,196 new

France has 4,449 with 30 new

USA has 3,273 with 330 new

UK has 1,372 with 232 new

This shows that the UK has increased by 16.9 percent compared to Spain at 18.04 percent.

In the United States 2 emergency room doctors in New Jersey and Washington are in critical condition after treating patients with COVID-19.

There have been 20 new cases in Israel.  The total number of cases in Israel is now 213, including 18 healthcare workers.  The Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security service, confirmed that it was examining the use of its technological capabilities to fight coronavirus.  Netanyahu described the virus as an “invisible enemy that must be located”.

Around the globe, there are currently 167,517 cases with 6,455 deaths and 76,590 who have recovered.

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