Spain's Ghost Town Benidorm On The Costa Blanca This Morning as virus leaflets are delivered through the night to residents

The buzzing streets of Spain’s Benidorm have turned into a ghost town

Benidorm this morning is a complete ghost town as our reporters pace the streets alongside masked police officers, nothing is open apart from bakeries who are allowed to keep producing essential bread.

Notices have been put through the doors of all residents during the night and the early hours advising what to do on catching the deadly coronavirus as the virus spreads through Spain.

“The streets are desolate apart from my dog” reports Ian Platt
” Everything is totally closed following the State of Emergency guidelines strictly it’s very surreal and eerie, police are stopping those who are on the street, if they are walking in two’s, you have to also explain and demonstrate where you are going, dog walking is allowed and that’s the only reason I haven’t been stopped but its limited to one person per dog and you have to walk apart, Benidorm is a complete ghost town”

” In my life I’ve never seen anything quite like this, it’s like the worlds ended, it’s like something out of a film” finalised Ian before returning back to his apartment following lockdown regulations.